One Rupee


Crowned and robed bust of King George V facing left, with Legends GEORGE V KING EMPEROR around it. B.M. in relief on the truncation of the shoulder. All within a raised, toothed border.

King George V One Rupee Coins India
Reverse of King George V One Rupee Coins India


The legend ONE RUPEE/INDIA/YEAR/Yek Rupiya in Persian within a double-line circle, surrounded by a scroll composed of a rose, thistle & shamrock. The Indian Lotus is placed at the top and bottom; all within a toothed border and another double-line circle.


Type Standard Circulation Coin
Weight (Standard) 11.66 g
Diameter 30.5 mm to 30.8 mm
Edge Milled
Metal Silver (.917)
Orientation Medal alignment ↑↑
Years of Issue 1912-1922
Shape Round

Pig Rupee

On the coin issues of 1911, the bust of King George V is shown wearing a robe with a small elephant on it. This elephant had short legs and the trunk appeared to be a pig snout thus resembling a pig. Religious sentiments of many were offended and people refrained from usage of the newly issued coins of King George V. Most of the coins minted in 1911 were withheld from circulation and later melted.

Coins with redesigned bust were later issued in 1912. These had longer tail & legs, clearer tusks & ears.

Mint Marks

Bombay Mint (B): A raised dot below the bottom lotus flower. Years of issue: 1911-1922

Calcutta Mint (C): No dot below the bottom lotus flower. Years of issue: 1911-1920

Key Dates

1911Pig Rupee
1913Both Mints
1914Both Mints
1915Both Mints
1921Both Mints
1922Both Mints

King George V - One Rupee: Types & Varieties

Year Mint Mink Mark Mintage GK# PR# Remarks Buy Now
1911 C No Dot 42,99,924 1021 207 Pig Variety Buy Now
1911 B Dot 51,43,125 1022 217 Pig Variety Buy Now
1912 C No Dot 4,51,22,132 1023 208 Elephant with long tusk Buy Now
1912 B Dot 1024 Elephant without tusk Buy Now
1912 B Dot 1025 Elephant with short tusk Buy Now
1912 B Dot 7,90,67,074 1026 218 Elephant with long tusk Buy Now
1913 C No Dot 7,58,00,163 1027 209 Elephant Buy Now
1913 B Dot 8,74,65,788 1028 219 Elephant Buy Now
1914 C No Dot 3,31,00,150 1029 210 Elephant Buy Now
1914 B Dot 1,52,70,000 1030 220 Elephant Buy Now
1915 C No Dot 99,00,139 1031 211 Elephant Buy Now
1915 B Dot 53,71,979 1032 221 Elephant Buy Now
1916 C No Dot 11,50,00,210 1033 212 Elephant Buy Now
1916 B Dot 9,79,00,000 1034 222 Elephant Buy Now
1917 C No Dot 11,49,74,242 1035 213 Elephant Buy Now
1917 B Dot 15,15,82,659 1036 223 Elephant Buy Now
1918 C No Dot 20,51,20,246 1037 214 Elephant Buy Now
1918 B Dot 21,05,50,363 1038 224 Elephant Buy Now
1919 C No Dot 21,12,06,255 1039 215 Elephant Buy Now
1919 B Dot 22,67,06,054 1040 225 Elephant Buy Now
1920 C No Dot 5,05,00,199 1041 216 Elephant Buy Now
1920 B Dot 5,59,36,544 1042 226 Elephant Buy Now
1921 B Dot 51,15,121 1043 227 Elephant Buy Now
1922 B Dot 20,15,150 1044 228 Elephant Buy Now



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